Super article from the guys over at describing the key points to consider when considering an SMS marketing campaign.
Here are just a few of the points included…
  • know your customer, know who you are trying to reach.
  • be clear about what you want to say.
  • make sure you include a clear call to action.

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5 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid

5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Avoid


Article posted by Nic D over at EZ texting talks about the 5 mobile marketing tactics No No’s of SMS marketing. The main message is selective targeting. That means discovering the best time to send your offer and the right customers to send to.

Bear in mind, customers don’t want to be bothered every day with yet another offer or special one time only chance to buy from you. They will get fed up , even down right irritated if you cross the line and become a nuisance.

(My comment) As with most things in life, timing is everything. Learning when to send is equally as important as the message. Your customers won’t appreciate receiving your text in the middle of the night.

Know your customer. Tailor your message to that customer’s specific need in a style of communication they will appreciate.

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5 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid

Google shakeup set for 21st April 2015

You may have heard big changes are coming in the way Google decides which websites to favour in their organic search results on the 21st April 2015.

Bigger than Panda

Bigger than Penguin.

This promises to be huge and lots of websites out there are either ignoring the warnings or are completely unaware.

Let’s be clear. Google isn’t fooling around here. They know over 60% of searches are now being made on mobile devices and if you know Google you will know their over riding principle is to serve up the best search results. In simple terms if your website isn’t mobile friendly you will see your organic rankings drop on the 21st April.

So what does mobile friendly mean?

Firstly, just because your website looks ok on a mobile isn’t enough. Your website has to pass being scanned by their robot crawling your website.

How can I find out if my site will be OK?

This is the simple part. Just head over to Google and type in webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly

You will see:

screenshot-www google com 2015-04-08 12-20-32

Just enter your website address and wait a few moments for the scan to complete and the result to be displayed.


Hopefully you will see something like this:

screenshot-www google com 2015-04-08 12-23-40


If you site returns a different response. Don’t panic. Get in touch with your website developer and discuss your options.